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Welcome to the blue frontier!

Welcome to the blue frontier! The Seasteading Institute is measuring demand for residence aboard the world's first floating "startup" city - take our survey and keep updated on our progress.

Imagine unprecedented  personal freedom, new economic opportunities, panoramic ocean views, a small frontier community, and the chance to demonstrate a better way of living to the world.

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The Floating City Project combines principles of both seasteading and startup cities, by seeking to locate a floating city within the territorial waters of an existing nation. Historically, The Seasteading Institute has looked to international waters for the freedom to establish new nations and spur competitive governance. However, there are several reasons we are now seeking a host nation: a) It is less expensive to engineer a seastead for relatively calm, shallow waters compared with the open ocean outside of territorial waters; b) it will be easier for residents to travel to and from the seastead, as well as to acquire goods and services from existing supply chains; and c) a host nation will provide a place for a floating city within the existing international legal framework, with the associated protections and responsibilities.

We commissioned DeltaSync, a premier Dutch water architecture firm, to produce a design concept and assess its feasibility (comfort, affordability, movability, etc.). Their report is available for download on our website.

For five years, The Seasteading Institute has been conducting research into the potential for permanent, innovative communities – floating at sea. We are championing this vision because we believe humanity needs a new, blue frontier, where we can all be free to demonstrate new ways of living together. If you dream of living in a small floating city and can afford the cost of living in a major metropolis, please fill out our form. Your participation will help us determine the optimal specifications for what could become the world’s first floating city.

Personal Freedom

You could soon live in international waters, and enjoy the "freedom of the high seas." As the last unclaimed territory on the earth, the ocean will give you the ability to peacefully express yourself without the encyclopedia of laws and tangle of bureaucracies that are present on land. As a seasteader, you can start fresh and live with minimal regulation. Explore a revolutionary opportunity for civilization – a bold experiment with personal freedom.

Economic Opportunities

As Earth’s final frontier, the ocean offers radical possibilities for some of your boldest economic dreams. From harnessing the immense stores of energy and nutrients, to serving the global demand for financial, medical, and human services, seasteading will give to rise many 21st century fortunes. International waters offer you a more friendly regulatory environment, and allow for worldwide recruitment of entrepreneurs, investment capital, and top talent. The oceans are already the superhighway of trade – seastead real estate will be optimally located to tap into the bloodlines of a globalized planet.

Demonstrate a Better Way of Living

We see experimentation as the source of all progress. Many innovations - on numerous seasteads - will allow humanity to rapidly improve how we live together. As a resident of the first floating city, you will set the course for others to follow. In the coming decades hundreds of thousands of people will follow you to the sea to be a part of a global change based on personal choice, environmental responsibility, and economic opportunity. In three to five years, you could live in an ocean city far beyond anyone’s imagination. Together we can change the world.